13177629_800590636741235_7551981060897291585_nBased in Melbourne, Australia, Think-bubbles is a coaching and consultancy service established to promote and enable the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Established by experienced mindfulness and meditation practitioner Victoria Gelberg, it originated from work she developed in the mainstream education sector, evolving from almost 20 years of practice and instruction, coupled with academic research.

Why Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is simply about paying attention in the moment and bringing awareness to what is around us and in us at that current moment. It is a practice that is in theory simple, but requires commitment and application in order to reap the benefits of the practice. Although Apps are very popular in introducing mindfulness, it is most effective when guided by a teacher with experience and insight that can teach the fundamentals of mindfulness, respond to questions and discuss it’s applications in a genuine, mindful manner. With practical applications in the classroom and in the workplace, as well as in day-to-day life, mindfulness has been proven to enhance focus, productivity and general wellbeing.

About Victoria337dbce56c28d925d6eab8899c311976
Victoria Gelberg is an experienced facilitator of meditation and mindfulness practices. She has been working as a teacher for 20 years and in that time has adopted the use of meditation and mindfulness in education settings, in both the UK and Australia. She has witnessed the powerful and transformative effects of meditation and mindful practices in the classroom.

Victoria recently completed a Masters in Teaching at the prestigious Institute of Education, University of London. She spent two years researching meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing, which formed the basis of her Masters thesis. In addition, she has trained in Curriculum Training and Mindfulness Fundamentals  and more recently completed the Difficult Emotions pilot course with one of the leading organisations in mindfulness training in education, the Mindful Schools organisation based in the USA. She remains engaged with the ever-expanding body of research into mindfulness and in particular its applications within education.

Victoria has embraced the Mindful Eating movement and is actively involved in propelling this movement forward in Australia so that people can gain a better understanding of their relationship to food and be better empowered to make good, healthy choices around the way they eat whilst applying mindfulness to this process. Victoria is a professional member of The Center for Mindful Eating.

Victoria lives a mindful philosophy and is passionate about sharing her experience with others to help people live more attentive and mindful lives.