a18a76a99fcbe25bf9cfd232dcf3399cThink-bubbles offers tailored consultancy programs aimed at utilising mindfulness techniques to improve wellbeing in a variety of organisational settings as well as specially tailored day retreats for professional organisations. Programs are designed to reflect the specific characteristics of the workplace, school or other organisation, to address their needs and to ensure the best possible outcomes. Contact us to discuss how Think-bubbles can design a program to meet your organisation’s needs.

In schools
(Teachers, Staff and Pupils)
Victoria has been a teacher for 20 years, she has used meditation as a teaching and wellbeing tool for her whole career. This work led to completing a Masters in Teaching with research into meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing. Victoria understands the unique nature of a school and the needs of staff and pupils.

Victoria consults with several schools in Melbourne to bring awareness of mindfulness and its benefits in educational settings. She has also been running training seminars for Australia’s largest teaching agency, ANZUK as well as developing and running bespoke retreats for teachers on mindfulness and wellbeing.

A growing body of research has shown that mindfulness meditation is a highly effective tool in improving academic performance, attentiveness and overall wellbeing. Victoria’s own Masters research explored the application of meditation techniques among primary school pupils in the UK and Australia.

Teaching itself is well known to be a highly demanding profession with unique stresses, with teacher burnout becoming an increasingly significant issue facing the education sector. Mindfulness can offer significant benefits in helping teachers to address their practice for teaching and their own wellbeing. Recent research has shown that mindfulness techniques can enhance teacher efficacy, an incredibly important consideration given the teacher’s role in setting the classroom climate and the way it impacts on pupils’ achievement.

Programs are available either for the direct training of staff, or for working with staff and pupils to create a framework wherein the school can apply the techniques consistently and in a sustainable way across the school community.

At work
Mindfulness has been proven to deliver significant benefits within the workplace, in terms of productivity, stress relief, motivation and focus, and general wellbeing. Think-bubbles can offer professional training designed for groups or for individuals, equipping them with techniques and skills that they can apply on an ongoing basis to manage the demands of their work more effectively, and to lead happier, healthier lives.

Programs can be tailored to meet the particular requirements of your organisation, irrespective of size, sector or head count.